Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:47

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27 civilian causalities after Moscow announced “a halt” to the military operations in Aleppo


Today, both, the Russian and Assad’s warplanes, continued the bombing against civilian targets in besieged Aleppo, turning the streets of Aleppo into streets of death. Several neighborhoods were targeted with vacuum missiles and barrel bombs, including Al Jallum, Al Mu’aadi, Al Mughayab, Al Qillaasa, Bustan Al Qasr, Al Firdaws and Sheikh Said. 25 civilians, most of whom were children and women, were killed in the Jallum neighborhood, where many wounded civilians are still trapped under the rubble. The Civil Defense teams have recovered 10 civilian bodies from underneath the rubble, while they have been unable to recover the rest due to violent airstrikes and the absence of digging machines.





2 children were killed, others were wounded, after the Mu’aadi neighborhood was struck with barrel bombs, which also claimed the lives of several civilians in the Mughayr neighborhood.



In other news, a private source indicated to Aleppo24 that there is no authenticity to any report about the Assad regime withdrawing its forces in Aleppo to fight against Daesh in Homs, where the latter have captured the Mahr Gas Company, the strategic Burj and the Mahr Hills, eastern Homs, as well as the Al I’tiwaziya checkpoint in the vicinity of that company. The source confirmed that Assad’s manpower have not retreated from Aleppo to Homs.


On the other hand, clashes between the local factions and Assad’s forces continued in Aleppo after the latter tried to advance to Al Ida’a, Sheikh Said, Al Qilasa and Al Mu’aadi neighborhoods, being backed by heavy air cover. The local factions thwarted an attack by Assad’s forces on Jubb Al Jalabi and Al Ida’a fronts, killing 15 regime fighters.



These newly launched attacks by Assad’s forces contradict the statement by the Russian foreign Minister Lavrov on Thursday about the halting of their military operations in besieged Aleppo.


Assad’s  forces have intensified their attacks on besieged Aleppo since mid-November, which lead to the killing of around 1000 civilians and the wounding of hundreds of others, in addition to the forced displacement of many families to areas in Aleppo which are still under the control of the local factions. The Assad’s forces and the sectarian militias, backed by Russian air cover, are in control of 20 neighborhoods in the city.

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