Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:47

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289 civilians have been killed in beseiged Aleppo in 5 days of heavy airstrikes by both, Assad and Russia


Besieged Aleppo witnessed a tragic day due to an unprecedented wave of heavy and violent airstrikes by both, Assad and Russia, who are both partners in the shedding of blood in Syria.



Since Friday, November 18, the Civil Defense teams in Aleppo has documented 420 airstrikes and more than 13050 artillery shells fired by the regime and Russia.


The death toll from today’s airstrikes on besieged Aleppo has risen to 61. Most of the casualties were reported in the Qadi Askar neighborhood, where 8 civilians were killed in shelling with barrel bombs. Next is the Ansari neighborhood, where 6 civilians lost their lives as a result of the airstrikes by Russia and the Assad regime. The Civil Defense center in the Bab Al Nairab neighborhood has been also rendered unusable after being targeted by a barrel bomb.


There are reports that there are still dozens of civilians trapped underneath collapsed buildings in besieged Aleppo and that the Civil Defense teams haven’t been able to rescue them so far, due to regime artillery shelling, which prevented them from reaching to the trapped civilians. Four civilians were killed and a large number of others were injured in the Haluk neighborhood, while 4 others were killed in the Sha’ar and Al Jallum neighborhoods.


These deadly indiscriminate airstrikes coincide with an extreme shortage of food and medical supplies, as well as fuel, which has crippled life in the city. The medical staff are also unable to provide medical treatment for a large number of wounded civilians due to the previously mentioned above.

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