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300 Daesh fighters surrender to the factions in Idlib

Around 300 Daesh fighters surrendered to ‘Repelling Invaders’ Operations Room in southeast Idlib, which marks the end of Daesh presence in the region. Daesh had advanced to Al-Tamanaa region east of Maarat Numan and captured several small villages in the far east of Idlib city to escape a large scale offensive of Assad’s forces in north and south of Daesh-held areas in Hama, Idlib and Aleppo. The surprising attack of the regime pushed Daesh to move towards east of Idlib where they breached Assad’ forces defensive lines and entered opposition-held areas.

The opposition described what happened as a cooperation between Daesh and the region and added that the organization presence in Idlib would create ground for a Russian and regime intervention and, therefore, more carpet-bombing of the liberated areas in Idlib. The organization pushed the factions to work collectively to confront it after it had infiltrated the region through Assad-held areas and took control of the villages of Umm al-Khalakhil and the surrounding area. But it was unable to organize itself after staging several retreats and losing most ammunition depots and large mechanisms. During the retreats, Daesh-held areas in Idlib were depopulated as a result of the recent Assad forces advancement to the base of Abu Duhour and heavy bombing carried out by the aircraft,.

The area did not find the organization even the food enough for its withdrawn elements and the elements of the organization did not ensure the establishment of any medical point in the region. All this and the rapid attack of the opposition and the local factions led to the surrender of the elements of the organization and their collapse very quickly in front of their attacks, thus ending the existence of an organization advocating permanently in the areas of Aleppo, Hama and Idlib.


Despite all the previous battles launched by the Assad forces against the organization is calling, but the remaining enclave of the organization in this region was not one of the priorities, despite the great danger on the only road reaching the city of Aleppo and the elements of the organization in previous years a series of successive attacks on the road Khansir launched from the control areas of the organization in the triangle between the governorates of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama and managed several times to block the road. However, the Assad forces did not seriously seek to get rid of the organization but went east to Raqqa and Deir al-Zour and reached the Iraqi border without any battle against this small enclave compared to areas controlled by the Assad forces in recent months.


With the beginning of the battles launched by the Assad forces on the opposition areas in the north of Hama and the far east of Idlib to advance north towards the base of Abu Zanth air force withdrew Hatch (Nasra), which controlled several points in the south of Aleppo and eastern Idlib to fortify the base of Abu Dhabi. The residents were unable to repel the Assad attack alone, resulting in a mass exodus of residents from the area and the full evacuation of the population following the massive air strikes by Assad and Russia.

The organization exploited the new Assad battle to move forward also to the north and expand its areas of influence was coincided with the advance completely with the advance of the Assad forces in the scene closer coordination between them to control the wider north and extend the pocket advocating weakness, which also resulted in the distribution of the elements of the organization on a larger scale, The same number and gear, which contributed to the weakening of the defenses of the organization and dispersal of his forces significantly and this is what Assad used well, launched a major attack on the areas and left them one room to withdraw westward to the opposition areas, but the opposition factions and local factions did not wait until organized and called himself The new areas and was quick to end it completely and announced the end of the organization fully advocated in the province of Idlib.

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