Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:53

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400 civilians from besieged Aleppo crossed into the Assad regime controlled areas of the city


Yesterday, around 400 civilians residing in the local factions held areas of Aleppo crossed into the Masaken Henano neighborhood, which was previously captured by Assad’s forces.


A private source reported to Aleppo24 that 24 FSA factions facilitated the crossing of those willing to move to the Assad regime controlled areas by the opening of passageways in the Haydariya roundabout and Al-Ahmadiyah.


Another source confirmed that in order to prevent civilians from being targeted, an FSA commander informed Assad’s forces, using speakers, that those civilians were on their way to the regime-held areas.


The passageways between the two parties were opened for several hours so as to give a chance for families residing in southwest Aleppo to reach the passageways. Afterwards, they were closed and not all the families were able to make it to the Assad regime controlled areas.


Sources indicated to Aleppo24 that the local factions opened two passageways: one leads to the SDF-controlled areas in the Sheikh Maqsud and it is located in the Sheikh Ruzz area, and the other one leads to the Assad regime controlled areas and it is situated in the Haydariyah area. They also transported those who chose to remain in besieged Aleppo to safe areas southwest of the city.



Because of the dire siege conditions and the absence of any humanitarian assistance, civilians in besieged Aleppo are pushed to move to the regime-held areas.

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