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Civilians in rural Aleppo: Take the weapons out of our cities and towns!

The northern countryside of Aleppo has witnessed recently a series of protests and strikes against military aspects in cities and towns which are controlled by the local factions.

On Saturday, December 24, a protest in jarablus demanded from the local factions to leave the city, mainly because they continued to commit human rights violations.


They also called for the prevention of any member of those factions to enter into the city with his uniform and weaponry, and that the local council and the court should manage the civilian affairs. The protest was held after a fighter from the Sham Legion opened fire on the owner of an automobile laundry in the city, which led to his immediate death and the wounding of his son, who is now receiving medical treatment in Turkey for his life-threatening injury.


The protesters blocked the roads by the burning of tires and demanded to bring the violators to justice, in addition to their urging of the local factions to move to the front lines in the region, rather than stationing their manpower in densely populated areas in the city. Two months ago, a brigade of the local factions broke through the court building in the city and killed a number of guards protecting that court, meaning that the opening of fire on the owner of the machine laundry is the second violation to occur in two months.


In response to the protests, judges from that court promised that they will force the factions to leave the city as soon as possible.


Several educational institutions in A’zaz city conducted a 24h strike against the human rights abuses, committed by the local factions. One of the leading reason for that strike was the intervention of armed factions in educational affairs and the looting of some heating devices from some schools by a faction in that city, as well as the abusing of a teacher by some of those armed men. The institution called for the evacuation of all military headquarters from Azaz and the establishment of a police department only in order to ensure security inside the city.


The activist Mulham Samir, who is a member of the campaign ‘No weapons between civilians’, indicated to Aleppo 24 that several protests were held in the city of A’zaz on November 18, which called for the evacuation of all arms and weapons from the city.



Those protests were mainly held because of the infighting inside the city between the Ahrar Al Sham and the Shamiya front, which was due to a disagreement over who should operate a checkpoint located on the road between the A’zaz and the Afrin area. The protesters used raised the slogans of the campaign ‘No arms between civilians’.


There is a feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment in cities and towns in the countryside of Aleppo as a result of the factions giving up Aleppo to the Assad regime by means of an evacuation deal.



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