Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:51

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692 civilians were killed in Aleppo last November


In November 2015, Aleppo province faced intense airstrikes by both, Assad and Russia. 32 of the airstrikes were carried out by Russian warplanes, which resulted into more than 22 massacres, of which 18 were perpetrated in mid-November, mainly in the western countryside.


Aleppo24 documented the death of 692 civilians in Aleppo and the countryside in the last month, among them 165 women and 112 children. 75% of the civilian causalities were caused by the intense airstrikes, while 9 fighters were killed by Daesh landmines and clashes against them.


In the same month, hospitals in Aleppo were systematically targeted. According to the World Health Organization, all hospitals in areas in eastern Aleppo, which are under the control of local factions, have been rendered out of service.


The directorate of education in the province of Aleppo announced on November 11 that the school activities were halted for 3 days in the western countryside due to heavy air raids on the area by Russian warplanes.


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