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‘We are prevented from returning to our homes in Afrin or entering Aleppo city’, Afrin’s dispalced families tell Aleppo24

An Aleppo24 correspondent has interviewed some displaced civilians from Afrin who are currently living in Tal Rifaat, Deer Jamal, Hissin, Faqin and other areas.


Abu Jwan, a displaced from Afrin, said that , ‘ We have been displaced from Raju region in Afrin to Tel Rifaat where we are  now renting a house for 100 USD a month amidst sharp economic and living conditions, including unemployment and the total absence of humanitarian assistance. We have a son in Germany whp is sending us some amounts of money upon which our living is now dependent. When compared to the situation of other displaced civilians from Afrin, I can say that I am, somehow, in a better situation. But, it should not be forgotten that we have no drinkable water and no power and we are not getting any kind of relief assistance. We are even pushed to buy one loaf of bread from Assad’s gangs for 500 SYP. Our house in Raju has ben turned into a military headquarter by some militants and we cannot return to it now out of fear of being subjected to more human rights abuses at the hands of those militants. Human rights abuses are also carried out in our current location, but they are still less in degree compared to the situation in Afrin’




Abu Rashid, a displaced from Afrin who is now living in a tent he rents for 1 million SYP brought to him by some people from Aleppo, said that , ‘I and six of children are living in a tent whose size is less than 30 meters, and our living is dependent on charity. We registered at SARC, but we have not obtained anything from it since then on the pretence that our current location does not fall under the current distribution plan.  I have some savings with me which I am using from time to time to secure some basic needs. When I tried to go to my relatives in Aleppo city, I was stopped by Assad’s forces at a checkpoint and they told me that it was a must to pay an unbearable amount of money to be allowed to pass. I even attempted to return to Afrin, but I was also prevented by the YPG on the pretence that I would risk my life if I do so. My house in Afrin was completely looted, according to my neighbours.





Um Mohamed, a displaced woman from Afrin, said that, ‘ I sent my son to Afrin to see how  the situation is in there, but he was arrested by the military factions operating in the area. He is just 19 years old and we still do not know nothing about his fate. We cannot return now. I also have grave concerns about my other 15-year-old son, Ibrahim, who is working in agricultural lands to secure a living. We are currently living in Deer Jamal. We have received two food parcels from SARC since two months. I am now a widow after I lost my husband to a Turkish airstrike on the countryside of Afrin.’





More displaced civilians were interveiewed, some of whom said that they are afraid to return to their homes because of the frightening and harrowing reports about Afrin that are being shared among them at the current time, while others mentioned that they are ready to go back, but the YPG are preventing them from doing so. Another group of the dispalced said that they are discontent with the fact that Assad’s forces are barring them from going to their homes or those of their relatives in Aleppo city, while others said that they do not want to cross from Assad-held areas to Manbej because of fear that they would be arrested and used as reserve units. At the same time, the YPG are transporting famllies from the regime controlled territory to their held areas in eastern Aleppo in return for huge amounts of money.

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