Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:54

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HTS conducts mass arbitrary arrest of civilians in response to the recent assasination operations in its held territory

HTS structure has ben shaken by the recent assasination operations that targeted its commanders and fighters in a variety of locations in Idlib province. Instead of taking different security measures to counter the assasinations, HTS has resorted to arbitrary arrest of defensless civilians in its controlled territory.

An Idlib24 correspondent said today that ‘ HTS raided today the home of the civilian Ibrahim Hassan Eid in the town of Sarmada during which he was arrested. He was arrested following a verbal altercation with some HTS fighters.”

For unclear reasons, HTS arrested on Sunday the media activist Ahmed Al Akhrass in Darkush city, west of Idlib.


On Sturday 28 April, HTS  arrested two children, Raji Nidal  and Hussein Mohamed Jabr, in Al-Bara town, in Mount Az-Zawiyah area, and transported them to the Oqab prison, according to the correspondent.


On Friday 27 April, HTS raided several people who were attending the funeral of the assasinated Ahrar commander Abul Rahman Ali, including his father and Ahrar fighters, In Saraqib city.

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