Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:33

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 A locally-launched initiative saves residents of Salqin from thirst

After several months of the cutoff of drinkable water in most neighbourhoods of Salqin city in the north of Idlib, civilian activists have launched an initiative to fix the malfunctions in the three water plants supplying the neighbourhoods, which the HTS-run administration of services has neglected.


An Idlib24 correspondent said that the initiative has enabled the collection of 5100 USD, by which the activists bought the necessary equipment to fix those plants. Some experts and residents have volunteered to repair the plants. According to the correspondent, the main obstacles were the unavailability of necessary equipment in Salqin, which forced those in charge to buy them elsewhere and bring them to the city.


The initiative was aimed at collecting donations from civilians and was launched on WhatsApp and social media, bearing in mind that some displaced civilians also partook in it. In addition, the civil council of the city of Isqat also donated 500 USD to support the initiative.


The residents of the city are hoping that the initiative will pave the way for more initiatives to provide basic services away from HTS-run administration which is doing nothing and did not provide any support or help to the volunteers when they were fixing the malfunctions.  The rule of the HTS and its linked administration is now restricted to collecting money from civilians and sending it to their budgets.

It should be pointed out that the locals of Salqin had been pushed to buy one tanker of drinkable water for at least 3500 SYP before the repairing of the plants.

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