Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:34

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Afrin.. a ‘liberation’ on the tone of occupation and rhythms of violations

Olive Branch forces managed to enter the city of Afrin this morning following clashes that lasted for about two months in which Turkey was the dominant force. The capture of Afrin city has only replaced the tyrannical rule of PYD with Turkish occupation.


Pictures and videos are coming out of Afrin showing the human right violations that are being committed against the people in the city, bearing in mind that Turkey has decribed the capture of the city as a ‘liberation’. What is taking place on the ground is in contradiction to what is being mentioned on Turkish media. Private and public properties are being looted and buildings are being burned. Historical landmarks are also being removed in the city such as ‘Kawa Al-Hadad’  statue (Freedom Symbol) and  Yezidi shrines are being burned, in addition to the Kurdish flag which the PYD was also preventing the Kurds from using it.

‘The liberation of the city’ was followed by lifting the Tukish flag in the center. This was mentioned by the Turkish Anadul Agency and show in pictures taken from inside the city.


Aleppo24 correspondent in Afrin confirmed that the advancement of Olive Branch forces into the city came after YPG retreated from it yesterday. He added that civilians are extremely concerned that they will be punished for their race, and that many cars, public and private properties were burned on Saturday by unknown groups.

It should be pointed out that 18 March coincides with the memory of the battle of ‘Janaqq Qalaa’ in 1915 during which the Ottmans won against the English and French. Pro-Afrin operations Turkish officials comprated today’s ‘liberation of Afrin’ to the victory of the Ottmans.

The capture of Afrin coincides with the anniversary of the Syrian Revolution that started in 2011 to overthrow the tyrannical rule of Assad.

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