Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:47

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After displacing civilians of Aleppo, Russian warplanes resume the airstrikes on the countryside, perpetrating a massacre


On Saturday, December 24, the Russian warplanes carried out six air raids on the Atarib city in western Aleppo, perpetrating a horrific massacre, which claimed the lives of six civilians, 5 of them belong to the same family (Al-Shun family). The casualties included two children, a woman and a driver of an oil tanker. The airstrikes targeted a house near a school that is home to displaced civilians from eastern Aleppo.


According to eyewitnesses, 3 centers for displaced civilians from Aleppo were also struck, which led to the wounding of a number of displaced families. The Civil Defense teams rushed to the targeted areas and pulled bodies of trapped civilians out of the rubble and transported the wounded to neighboring medical points.


After the evacuation of civilians in Aleppo ended, Russian and Assad warplanes began to conduct airstrikes on cities and towns located in the countryside of Aleppo. Today, they bombed the towns of Kafr Hamra, the Asiyah area and Andan in northern Aleppo, as well as Khan Al-Assal, Kafr Dail, Al-Mansoura, Al-Rashidiyin and Suq Al- Jabss.


This new wave of airstrikes on the countryside coincided with heavy artillery shelling and clashes near the Jamiyat Zahraa and Suq Al-Jibss fronts, which led Assad’s forces to sustain more than 15 deaths and several injuries.


The evacuation of civilians in Aleppo ended on Thursday, December 22 after an agreement was reached between the locals factions and Russia, which led to the evacuation of 45000 civilians from Aleppo, 1500 people from Madaya and Zabadani and 4000 from the Fua and Kufriya towns.

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