Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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Ahrar Al-Sharqiya executes the father of a young man they arrested, while Sultah Shah faction tortures more civilians to death


The local civilians of Afrin are now living under the rule of the factions whose practices and laws are not that different from those which were previously imposed by the YPG. They are the same factions who had looted and kidnapped civilians in northern Aleppo in addition to more heinous atrocities.
The latest crime in Afrin was recently carried out by the faction of Ahrar Al Shariqua, which is backed by Turkey, against the civilian Rajab Shukri. The latter was executed by members of the factions just because he kept reviewing their headquarters to ask about his son,  who was below the age of 17, who was being arrested by them. Several sources indicated to Aleppo24 that the last visit of the father occurred yesterday in the village of Darwish in Raju region. The fighters, who were stationed at the headquarter, threatened him by saying ‘if you return over here, you will be executed’. In the following day, he was killed in cold blood, creating a state of shock among civilian eyewitnesses.
A couple of days ago, another civilian named ‘Abdo Aref Ibrahim’ was tortured at the hands of the Sultan Shah faction in Afrin city after being arrested for several days. Another violation preceded the torture and it occurred in the village of Darwish, in Raju region, where Ahrar AL Sharqiyah killed the civilian Hamid Hamo for refusing to leave a house of his relatives. After his death, the faction sheltered the relatives of one of their affiliates in the house. Our correspondent confirmed that there are multiple documented cases of execution and torture in the city of Afrin, adding that the factions are burying the civilian they murder in mass graves or they just dump their bodies in agricultural lands as it was the case with the civilian Siban Alo, whose corpse was dumped near the village of Yakhur, which is controlled the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction. 

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