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Aleppo 24 report: Taher Sheikh Wayss, fighter with an eminent mission




Maher Sheikh from Manbij never ruled out the possibility that one day he would face death while dismantling landmines, which is his eminent mission that he chose as a revolutionist. Dismantling of landmines is considered as one of the most risky and dangerous missions during war. Despite the fact that this mission always exposed him to real danger, he preferred to carry on, no matter what the price would be. He wished to live longer in order to save more civilian lives by removing all the landmines planted in their areas.


Because of his good reputation, he was respected by all the people he lived with.  He played the most part of  the dismantling of the landmines planted by Daesh in the neighborhoods of Jarablus. He also moved to the vicinity of Al-Rai where he cleared the area from more Daesh’s IEDs and explosives remnant.


Tahir Sheikh was a peaceful protester against the regime and then he was forced in rural Aleppo to take up arms and join the revolutionary battalions in Manbaj, which are linked to Al Sham legion. He lived also for a specific time in Aleppo city where he fought in the frontlines.


Then he left to fight Daesh  in northern Aleppo and after that, he did not manage to return, because the Castello road was closed. Tahir was killed on Friday, October 14, after a landmine exploded in the village of Ghazw in northern Aleppo, which was liberated by the Euphrates Shield factions. He wrote a guide in order to be used for the dismantling of  landmines in the region, which were left by the organization in the areas they retreated from, such as the vicinity of Dabiq.


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