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Aleppo in decisive moments: An initiative rejected by the Assad regime and the factions deny their agreeing to it

On December 06, Aleppo experienced tragic moments after Assad’s forces, backed by the sectarian militias, captured the majority of the eastern neighborhoods and carried out massacres which claimed the lives of dozens of civilians who fled from Al ‘Aamiriya, Al Marja, Al Killasah, Al Firdaws, As Sukkari and Al Ansari neighborhoods. A private source stated to Aleppo24 that following the advances by Assad’s forces into the eastern neighborhoods, dozens of civilians were killed, whose bodies are still scattered all over the streets, with the rest of fleeing civilians being unable to recover them. The source added that several civilians are still trapped under the rubble and the civil defense teams have not managed to rescue them due to ongoing airstrikes.



The source said. “It is impossible to document the number of civilian casualties. Most families have fled from airstrikes on their homes, leaving behind them bodies of their sons scattered in the streets and underneath collapsed buildings. The wounded cannot be transported to hospitals in eastern Aleppo because Assad’s forces reached that part of the city. In regards to the Civil Defense, their rescue operations have halted due to the targeting of their vehicles and their centers by airstrikes, as well as running out of fuel.”


He added, “There is no bread, no water and no electricity for 13 days in Aleppo. As we were walking down the streets of Fari Ahtami, we saw 10 wounded civilians bleeding and there was no one to rescue them, and no vehicles were there to transport them amid the airstrikes. We also saw a KIA car being burnt down and   there were 3 charred bodies inside it. We also saw an ambulance that was hit by shells and there were 2 young male civilians inside it and around it 5 bodies of others.

After that, a missile landed near the council buildings in the Aghir neighborhood, killing several people as a result.” He concluded his statement by stating that, “Since the beginning of the revolution, I have never seen such scenes that I have experienced this time in besieged Aleppo.”


There were conflicting reports about an initiative which was introduced by the local council in the city stating that Assad’s forces should stop the fighting in return of the evacuation of all factions operating inside besieged Aleppo. However, Assad’s forces rejected the initiative and several local factions denied their agreeing to it.


Private sources revealed to Aleppo24 that the local factions are now divided over an initiative which many of them consider as a defeat and surrendering Aleppo to the regime and Russia, while the others see that if they leave besieged Aleppo, they would reduce the civilian casualties.

The terms of the initiative are as following:

1) To start a humanitarian ceasefire for 5 days during which around 500 wounded civilians with life threatening wounds should be transported to hospitals;

2) To allow those among the civilians who want to leave besieged Aleppo to the northern countryside and not to the countryside of Idlib, because it is not a safe area due to Russian and Assad airstrikes.

3) Then, negotiation between the parties over the future of Aleppo will begin.


Assad’s forces targeted the Mashhad neighborhood today, killing 4 civilians. Russia and Assad airstrikes are still being carried out against besieged Aleppo. Yesterday, 61 civilians were killed by those airstrikes and 200 were wounded. The exact numbers of civilian casualties remain inaccurate, as there are many bodies and wounded civilians still trapped under the rubble with the civil defense teams being unable to recover them.

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