Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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 Aleppo is burning and Aleppo’s factions unify under one entity, Jaysh Halab ( Aleppo’s Army )


On Thursday, December  01, a group of factions operating in besieged Aleppo announced the formation of a unified military entity named Jaysh Haleb, appointing Abu Abd Ar-Rahman as a general commander, and Abu Bashir Ma’ara as a military commander.


This step comes amid the alarming and severe situation in besieged Aleppo, as Assad’s forces have advanced to some neighborhoods recently. However, the main reason behind the unification is the calls and pressure by civilians and  activists on the factions to be more responsible and to stay away from infighting, which are caused by self-interest.


It was mentioned in the official statement that all groups have dissolved under the umbrella of one army, the Jaysh Halab. However, the factions that merged with this newly established army have not released any statement confirming their dissolving, which raises questions about the credibility and seriousness of the unification. Is it just like the previous joined operation rooms and central commands that were unsuccessful, or is it a real cause pushing the factions to dissolve in order to save Aleppo?


Military  sources indicated that the announcement of the new army was fruitful, as it was followed by the repulsing of an attempt by Assad forces to advance to the Sheikh Said and the Youth complex, and the recapturing of the positions that Assad’s forces captured earlier.



The Jaysh Halab consist of major factions operating in both, Aleppo and the countryside, including The Shamiya Front, the First Regiment , the Noruddin Zenki Movement, Jaysh Al Islam, Jaysh Al Mujahidin, Ahrar Al Sham, The Sham Legion, The Saffwa Battalions, The Abu Amara Battalions and the Sultan Murad Division.

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