Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:53

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Aleppo is burning: Bodies strewn across the streets and three neighborhoods were targeted with a toxic gas

The systematic extermination of civilians inside besieged Aleppo continue to the very moment. Today, airstrikes and heavy artillery shelling by Assad’s forces on the Firdaws, Al-Kilassah, Bustan Al-Qasr, Salaheddine and Al-Mashhad neighborhoods killed a large number of civilians.

More than 140 airstrikes, more than 1200 heavy artillery shells and multiple barrel bombs containing chlorine gas were lunched against besieged Aleppo today, resulting in the killing of 46 civilians and the wounding of 230 others. Many dead bodies are left strewn across the streets, with the Civil Defense teams being unable to recover them due to intense airstrikes.


Most of the civilian casualties occurred in the Firdawss neighborhood, which was hit with more than 120 artillery shells, killing dozens of civilians and leaving many others trapped under the rubble.


The western neighborhoods are now densely populated after Assad’s forces displaced many civilians from the eastern neighborhoods to them.

The Killasah, Bustan Al-Qassr and Al-Maghyer were targeted with chlorine gas,  causing several cases of suffocation.


Local sources indicated to Aleppo24 that Assad’s forces and the sectarian militias have carried out atrocities against the locals. They are burning down civilian-owned homes and those belonging to activists after they advanced into the eastern neighborhoods, mainly the Sakhur, Kaarm Al-Jabal and Masaken Henano.


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