Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:50

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Aleppo is burning: Dozens of civilian casualities caused by a newly launched wave of airstrikes on beseiged Aleppo


The Assad regime warplanes struck several neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo today using vacuum missiles and cluster bombs, killing dozens of civilians and wounding several others.

An air raid with a vacuum missile killed 10 civilians in the Aqyoul neighborhood, including three members of the local council. 5 civilians, among them women and children, were killed in the Masken Firdawss neighborhood, where more people are still trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings due to an airstrike with a vacuum missile.

5 civilian casualties were documented in the Qadi Askar neighborhood due to airstrikes.

Warplanes also bombed the Jalum neighborhood last night, killing 15 civilians and wounding several others.


This newly launched wave of violent airstrikes by both, Assad and Russia, is a part of their carpet-bombing strategy against besieged Aleppo.

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