Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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Aleppo is burning: Several displaced civilians are arrested and Assad’s forces open two detention centers


After Assad’s forces, backed by the SDF, captured several neighborhoods in besieged Aleppo, including Masaken Henano, Al-Haydariyah, Al-Haluk, Al-Sakhur and Bustan Basha, many civilians fled from them and the violent airstrikes to the remaining areas in the city. A group of them headed to the Assad regime held areas and the YPG-controlled Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood.

According to an Aleppo24 private source, some Assad’s sleepers cells, who had been operating in the local factions controlled areas in besieged Aleppo, returned to the regime-held areas with the other displaced families. They are now helping Assad’s forces to identify those loyal to the FSA among them. As a result, many displaced civilians, mainly the youth, have been arrested for interrogation. The source added that two persons were killed under torture while being interrogated.


The Aleppo Media Center indicated on Wednesday, November 30, that Assad’s forces established two detention centers, one located in the school of the Sakhur neighborhood and the second in the areas of Al-Naqarin. Displaced families fleeing to the regime-held areas are being arrested and transported to those centers. The age of the arrested range from 18 to 40.


The Red Crescent International Commission reported yesterday that around 20 thousand have been displaced from their homes in 48 hours due to the intense areal bombardment and military operations against besieged Aleppo. Steven Brayan, head of the coordination committee of the UN, expressed his concerns about the fate of civilians who are facing a deteriorating humanitarian situation in besieged Aleppo, warning of a humanitarian crisis if the airstrikes and offensives were not halted.

He added that Assad’s forces are carrying out arbitrary arrest campaigns against civilians, adding that all hospitals in Aleppo have been bombed for several times so far.


The UN envoy Di Mistura indicated during a session held by the Security Council that there are reports about the arrest of civilians in Aleppo on the guise that they are linked with the opposition, mentioning that his initiative about Aleppo is still on the table.  He believes that the fighting taking place in areas east of Aleppo might continue for several weeks, and could lead to a large number of casulaties. He also emphasized that the international community should intervene and demand from all parties in Aleppo to respect the international law.

Di Mistrurah has introduced an urgent plan to rescue the displaced civilians in Aleppo after the continuous aggressive airstrikes have displaced 16 thousand until now.

The US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, accused both, the Assad regime and Russia of manipulating facts in order to spread doubt about what’s going on in Aleppo, stating that hundreds of thousands civilians have fled from the clashing areas, and that there are videos and pictures documenting the massacres against civilians in Syria.

Amid these international movements and statements, the UN and the international community remain playing the role of monitor and thus a partner in the massacres, paving the way for Assad’s forces, Russia and the Iranian pro-Assad militias to perpetrate more barbaric massacres against the locals.

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