Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:48

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Aleppo is burning: The White Helmets are honored with the prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law for their sacrifices and efforts


On December 02, both, France and Germany, awarded the prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law to the Syrian civil defense organization (the White Helmets ) for their humanitarian sacrifices to rescue civilians trapped under rubble.


The France Press Agency mentioned that Raid Al Salih, who is the founder of the civil defense in Syria, was given the prize by the foreign ministers of France, Jean Marc Airlord, and Germany, Walter Stein mark.

The German foreign minister appreciated the efforts of the organization for during the award party, adding that standing in the face of oppression needs courage. On the other hand, the French minister condemned the massacres being committed against civilians in Aleppo by saying: “Massacres against civilians are being perpetrated systematically.”, describing the situation in Aleppo as miserable.


The White Helmets organization was formed by some volunteers from different organizations in 2013. According to statistics released by the organization, they have rescued 73.000 civilians so far and have lost 130 of their volunteers, in addition to some who have been wounded. The Syrian Civil Defense were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on August 2016.


However, the prize was awarded to the President of Columbia, while the head of the organization, Raid Al Salih, was honored with the alternative Nobel Peace Prize in Stockholm, Sweden in November.

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