Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:48

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Aleppo: The water crisis inside Aleppo city continues to worsen



In connection with the deadly and undiscriminatory airstrikes on Aleppo, a new humanitarian crisis began to appear after the cutting off of water in the city, mainly in the eastern neighborhoods and the besieged ones, for more than a month.

The general administration of services stated that the continuous water-cut the city is facing was due to the heavy damages to the Sulayman Al Halabi Water plant, which was caused after failed attempts by the Assad forces to capture it a month ago.


The water network, which supplies those neighborhoods, has been also badly damaged due to the continuous airstrikes, making 80% of its function unusable. The airstrikes also prevent the maintenance workers from repairing it.


In addition, the malfunction in the electricity generators, which were designed to work during high alerted situations, have caused the energy at the water plants to decrease to 20%.


Amid the water cut, most of the residents are pushed to buy water from dealers with water tankers, who sell it for sky-high prices ranging from 1000-2500 SYP for 1 liter of water. These prices are unaffordable by most of the residents in the beseiged neighborhoods, most of whom are jobless due to the continuity of war.


Because they cannot afford the prices, some civilians are bringing water using plastic bottles from some water distribution points in the besieged areas, making their gatherings vulnerable to the continuous air strikes, sparking concerns of a new massacre in the foreseeable future.


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