Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:33

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Aleppo24 reveals the names of the factions who took part in the looting activities in Afrin city



Private sources in Afrin indicated to Aleppo24 that the fighters who looted private and public properties in the city belong to Sultan Murad Division, Suleiman Shah Division, Sultan Othman, Samarqand Brigade and the Northern Brigade, all of which are backed by Turkey. The sources said that the fighters looted civilian houses after their owners hosted them and gave them food and water.


Private and public cars have also been looted in the city, in addition to house furniture and other valuable materials. Bulldozers are being used to load the looted materials into trucks. In addition, many civilians have so far been arrested on alleged charge of affiliation with YPG.


Afrin city is home to around 50 thousand people who did not leave their homes because there were no clashes in it because YPG had retreated from it one day before the Turkish army and allied factions stormed it.

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