Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:48

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Aleppo24 reveals the reasons why YPG retreated from Afrin.



Sources close to YPG indicated to Aleppo24 that Siban Hamo, the general commander of YPG, was the one who issued the order to YPG fighters in Afrin to retreat from the city. The order was issued after Siban Hamo returned from a visit to Mosco where he met with promibebt Russian political and military officials. It is possible that he also met with Vladimir Putin. The Russian commanders demanded from Hamo to retreat from Afrin, while other sources said that he was only honored by Russia for his efforts to fight against terrorism.

On the other hand, private sourced indicated that Hamo visit to Mosco was done in secret, and that the order to retreat from Afrin surprised YPG commanders and fighters. This led to internal disputes among YPG commanders as they are exchanging accusation of treachery and being agents for Russia and Turkey. The sources mentioned that there was a deal between Russia and Turkey. It says that YPG will retreat from Afrin and Assad’s forces will captured the towns of Eastern Ghutah.


Last month, Hamo paid a visit to Humeimi base during which he met with Russian commanders. His visit was followed by the spread of rumors that Hamo was expelled from the base because he refused to let Assad’s forces enter Afrin and defend it against Turkey and FSA.  However, it is known that Hamo appealed to Assad’s forces to defend Afrin against the Turkish invasion.


This coincided with rumors that there were disputes between Russia and Iran in Aleppo. Both parties are racing to dominate over the region. Iran has issued a decision to not recive any displaced family from Afrin because it opposed the retreat of YPG from it, unlike Russia. Many displaced families from the region are sleeping in the open near Nubl and Zahraa towns. More displaced were prevented from entering Aleppo and were given the choice wether to return to go to Manbej or go back to Afrin.


In the same context, Turkey has announced the formation of Afrin administration council during a meeting in Gaziantep. Committees were also formed during the meeting. It seems that Turkey has a plan to administer Afrin in the upcoming phase. According to an activist, who spoke to Aleppo24 on condition of anonymity, said that the displacement of civilians from Afrin might point out to a Turkish plant to change the demographic in the region by reducing the Kurdish palpitation by half.

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