Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:52

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Aleppo’s factions announce their unification under the umbrella of a newly established military council


In an attempt to co-ordinate military operations and to repeal attacks by Assad’s forces and the pro-Assad militias on besieged Aleppo, a group of factions in Aleppo city announced the formation of a unified military council to lead the military operations in the city. The new military council includes major military factions such as The First Regiment, The Shamiyya Front, The Nuruddin Zanki Movement and Jabbat Fath Al Sham (formally known as Nusra Front) and Ahrar Al Sham Movement.


In an announcement, the factions stated that this is a step to unify the factions and to bring them more together in light of severe conditions the city is facing, which are embodied in intense Russia and Assad’s airstrikes, who have employed all kinds of weapons against civilians and played on their nerves by propaganda claims such as the so-called humanitarian ceasefires and humanitarian corridors.


The statement indicated that all the factions now operate under the command of the council and that Abu Abd Al Rahman was appointed as a general commander while Abu Bashir Ma’ara was chosen as a military commander.

Fear and doubts have arisen about whether the Jabhat Shamiyya and Ahrar Al Sham movement can operate under one single command despite the bloody clashes that broke out between them in Azaz, northern Aleppo, on Monday.

They fought each other after disagreements over the administration of the Dawar Al Kabir checkpoint in Azaz, which had been administered by the Sharia court in the city. Ahrar Al Sham had 80% of administration over the checkpoint, but after the court intervened and issued a decision that benefited the Shamiyya front, Ahrar Al Sham attacked the checkpoint and some headquarters belonging to the Shamiyya Front, which lead to dozens of deaths and injuries on both sides

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