Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:53

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An uprising breaks out in Al-Bab city against the human rights violations of the Hamza Division, and Turkey rescues a criminal named ‘Al-Yaba’

The human rights violations of the Turkish backed factions have reached an unbearable level in Al Bab city and its rural areas. The latest violation occurred on Friday 4 Mai after a fighter belonging to the Hamzah Division, whose name is Al-Yaba, stormed the Mahkama hospital and menaced its staff due to providing medical treatment to a blacklisted person. In response, the staff held a protest to express condemnation of the human rights abuses that are being committed by the faction in question.

based on the videos which Aleppo24 received from some local civilians, Al Yaba was arrested by the free police in the city after the local families beat him and refused to hand him over because he is involved in heinous crimes, including  armed robberies operations in Al Bab and its vicinity, as well as Afrin from which he looted many vehicles .

An Aleppo24 correspondent confirmed that a Turkish military force and the Ashar Al-Shariqyah faction headed to the police station, where the protest was held, and opened fire in order to disperse the protestors, after which they rescued Al Yaba from the angry civilians. Another Aleppo24 correspondent reported that a civilian named Badr Talib was severely wounded during the opening of fire.

After that, the Turkish force withdrew to its base in Al Bab, leaving behind a serious wave of outrage and chaos in the streets, which are still witnessing protests to the very moment.

The Hamza Division issued a statement announcing the expulsion of Al Yaba from its ranks in an attempt by the faction to escape its responsibilities and ease the growing anger against it.
A local civilian said to an Aleppo24 correspondent that ‘ We want to see a radical reform in the factions. What is the benefit of expelling Yaba and his group? The expulsion is not enough. They must be held accountable for their actions for they pose a real danger to the safety of the residents.

Al Yaba is the brother of the Hamzah Division commander, Sayf Bulad Abu Bakr, who pledged allegiance to Daesh during the group’s takeover of Al Bab city. At that time, he was appointed as the governor of Al Bab. After the defeat of the organization, he became the commander of the Hamza Division in Old Aleppo City from which he was expelkled by Ghassan Najar because of issues related to division of the spoils of war. When he was in Aleppo, he was accused of armed robbery and kidnapping. He also handed over the Hamza Military Academy in northern Aleppo to the defense ministry of the Syrian interim government to gain the support of Turkey, which continues to back the faction to the very moment.

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