Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:34

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Armed Men Terrorize Civilians In A Children Playground in Azaz City

A group of fighters belonging to the Northern Division, which is affiliated with the Levant Front and is based in Azaz, stormed a playground in Azaz city on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Fitr, terrorizing the visitors.



An Aleppo24 correspondent said that three armed men, who are affiliated with the Northern Division, were prevented from entering the playground in Azaz by its owner out of fear that they would terrorize the children and spoil the fun they were having. Then, the three fighters called in a patrol to arrest him ( the owner) for refusing to listen to their orders.



The storming of the playground has worsened the security situation by spreading more fear among the local residents who were trying to have a bit of fun in that area. A local civilian managed to capture the scene of the fighters storming the area as some civilians attempt to force them out of it.




Many civilians have remained in their homes since the occurrence of the incident out of fear that such human right violations would reoccur, amidst a worsening security situation in a city controlled by some factions who claim to be serving and protecting civilians, while, in fact, they are doing the opposite.




On the other hand,  in an attempt to prevent a backlash from the local residents, the command of the Northern Division has issued a statement declaring that it had sacked the armed men and that they will be tried. It should be pointed out that it is now commonly known among the local population that such statements are nothing, but a paper on ink.

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