Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:46

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Assad allows Aleppo militias to partake in the battle of Afrin and distances himself from them

It seems that the battle of Afrin has put Assad and his security and military arsenal in an unholy position. The war has revealed the extent of Assad’s inability to regard Afrin as a Syrian land that must be defended or treated as territory beyond his control. The battle taking place in Afrin between YPG on the one hand and the Turkish forces crawling to the region has resulted into an outrageous Syrian popular reaction, as the population within the areas controlled by Assad became displeased with the size of the deficit in the decision to participate militarily in defense of Afrin. Assad’s silence is a demonstration in the heart of Damascus and its arrival near the Muhajirim Palace, where Bashar al-Assad lives safely while Turkish airliners continue to reap the blessings of defenseless people of Afrin who have nothing to do with PYD.

Aleppo 24 was able to obtain certain information about an agreement between the forces of Assad and the leadership of the YPG in Afrin, allowing the first entry of the irregular forces of the militias to Afrin from now on.

The sources said that the agreement was the result of Iranian pressure on the Assad forces and the demand of the militias in Nubal and Zahraa, which wants to enter to fight alongside YPGbecause of the assistance of the YPG in the fighting and the siege against the opposition factions and the Front of Nasra and the movement of Ahrar Sham, which were sharing the siege of the two towns.
The sources confirmed that the entry of combat groups to Afrin will be for groups of Shabihah and sectarian militias starting from dawn tomorrow with equipment and heavy machinery.

The source added that the representatives of the Assad forces did not make promises in that agreement on the possibility of providing Assad’s regular forces for any support to the war, even in terms of targeting the Turkish aviation any anti-aircraft because of Russian pressure dictating to Assad to comply with the terms of agreements conducted by, Targeting the Turkish air force and the fact that the area under Russian air protection where there is no air defense bases belonging to the lion in it.
According to the data, the decision to allow participation in the defense of Afrin is not binding, has opened the way for members of the Shabiha and militias who want to participate under the name of defending Afrin before the Turkish occupation, from Aleppo city to Afrin and other sons of the Syrian provinces.

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