Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:52

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Assad burns Aleppo and targets displaced civilians from the eastern neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo with airstrikes and artillery


A staggering number of displaced civilians were killed in a new massacre perpetrated by Assad’s forces in the morning.

Assad’s forces targeted a gathering of displaced civilians in the Jub Al-Qubah neighborhood of besieged Aleppo’s Old City, claiming the lives of at least 45 civilians, most of whom were women and children. Dozens of others sustained injuries, ranging from moderate to life threatening injuries. Their fault was fleeing from the intense airstrikes on their homes in those neighborhoods.

The Assad regime is systematically targeting displaced civilians moving from besieged eastern Aleppo to areas under the control of the local factions in the southern and southwestern neighborhoods. On Tuesday, November 29, Assad regime warplanes carried out airstrikes with parachute bombs against another gathering of displaced civilians in the Bab Nayrab neighborhood, perpetrating a massacre that claimed the lives of 25 displaced civilians, and wounded 40 others.


Since Tuesday, November 15, the Assad regime has intensified its military operations and airstrikes on besieged Aleppo, killing around 600 civilians and injuring more than 1500 others. The regime is also targeting infrastructures and public services buildings in the eastern neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo.


Due to heavy airstrikes, Assad’s forces, backed by the SDF, managed to capture several neighborhoods, including Masakehn Henanon, Al-Haydariyah, Al-Haluk, Baidin, Al-Sakhur and Al-Indarat.

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