Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:37

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Assad intelligence members are arresting civilians who return to Syria from Turkey




After Turkey announced the opening of its border crossings for Syrian civilians willing to spend Ramadan and Eid in northern Syria, Assad’s forces have launched a massive campaign of arrested targeting the returning civilians passing through their checkpoints. An Aleppo24 correspondent said that Assad’s forces and the intelligence air branches established a detention center in the village of Abu Kahr, in the west of Manbej, because of its strategic location near the border crossing between the opposition and Asasd-held areas.


The correspondent said that Assad’s forces began arrested people coming from Turkey to spend Eid in Aleppo city. The arrested are being subjected to torture. The Air Intelligence branch have transported some of the detainees to its headquarter in Aleppo and handed over some others to the military police because they were wanted for forced conscription, in addition to releasing some others.


The source confirmed the death of the civilian Hussam Abdullah after being subjected to severe tortured in the detention center in Abu Kahf. The correspondent added, ‘ Among the arrests were retired men, who were trying to reach Aleppo to obtain their salaries, and some women and minors. They were all arrested on charges of traveling to Turkey illegally, although Assad does not have any positions under control along the Turkish border.


The recent wave of arrest is mainly aimed at blackmailing the families of those arrested into paying huge amounts of money.

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