Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:52

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Assad Shabiha Are Robbing Civilian Homes in Aleppo City Without Being Held Accountable

Robbery and other organized crimes by the Assad shabiha have increased in Ramadan as long as there is no authority to hold them accountable for their actions.


At least 23 merchants and capitals have been robbed in the neighbourhoods which were previously labeled safe by the Assad regime, including New Aleppo City, Al-Zahraa, Al-Furqan and Al-Jamilah. In Ramadan, more than 23 cases of theft have been reported, most of which occurred after sunset. The amount of money collected from these thefts was 1 million USD and 20 kg of gold.

An Aleppo24 correspondent said the targets of Shabiha are delivered to them by the security branches operating in the city, adding that they are active mainly at night.

A merchant was robbed by the Shabihah after he drafted a complaint to the local authority about the increasing taxes


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