Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:35

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Assad’s forces take revenge on civilians in Aleppo, exterminating more than 80


Assad’s forces and allied sectarian militias have committed outspoken massacres against civilians in the neighborhoods of Aleppo, which they captured recently, including Al-Killasah, Al Salhiyin, Bostan Al Qasr, Sheikh Said and Al Firdaws. They have killed more than 80 civilians; most of them were executed by firing squads. After they captured the Firdaws neighbourhood, Assad’s forces burnt alive 9 children and 4 women and liquidated more than 20 civilians. They also burnt alive 5 civilians near the main checkpoint in the Bostan Al Qasr and murdered 8 members from the Sinda family who refused to leave their homes in that neighborhood.


60 persons, including armed men and civilians, were executed by firing squads in the Bostan Al Qasr, Killasah and Al Firdaws neighborhoods. Russian soldiers and officers attended the execution.


The total number of the executed has reached 80 people. There are now concerns over the remaining 70000 civilians in Aleppo because they might also face the same atrocity at the hands of Assad’s forces and the sectarian militias.



Crimes of extermination are not something new to the Assad’s forces and the sectarian militias. Last week, an Assad militiaman, called Al Khalid Al Omar, known also as Khalid Al Majdami, and his brother Adil Omar, known also as Adil Majdami, executed 5 persons in front of their families in the Halluk neighborhood. Aleppo24 documented some of the executed by names and they are as follow: 27-years-old Omar Muhammad Muhammad Al Omar, 25-years-old jasim Al Omar, while the rest could not be identified.


The atrocities that are being carried out by Assad’s forces against the locals in besieged Aleppo have also included arbitrary arrests. For instance, they arrested the wife of a killed FSA fighter known as “Wissi Qadour” , in addition to the arrest of dozens of other civilians whose faith remains unknown to the very moment. They also arrested hundreds of young civilians who had moved from besieged Aleppo to the the Assad regime controlled areas, and then they were transported to the Military Security Branch and the Air force Intelligence Branch of Aleppo. The Assad forces have gathered men whose age are between 18 to 42 at the Saif Muhammad school in the Sakhur neighborhood, and then they stripped them out of their clothes and left them outdoors facing harsh weather.


Those who were not executed by Assad’s forces have been forcibly recruited. Assad’s forces also arrested several women, including relatives of the factions, after receiving intelligence data from their spies in besieged Aleppo. Aleppo24 documented the arrest of 9 women by the Air force Intelligence Branch. All these atrocities in Aleppo coincide with the looting of civilian homes by Assad’s forces who are supervised by the Air Force Intelligence Branch of Aleppo and other sectarian militias.

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