Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:46

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At least 4 civilians were killed in the VBIED attack which targeted Azaz yesterday



At least 4 civilians were killed and others  were wounded after a VBIED blew up at a taxi station near the western entrance to the city of Azaz yesterday. Some taxi cars  were also burned down, increasing the amount of destruction in the area.

The Civil Defence staff rushed to the station and managed to rescue some civilians whose injuries ranged from life threatening to moderate injuries.


In the aftermath of the attack, many people started to wonder about how  could a Daesh’s VBIED arrive from the group-controlled areas to the FSA-held areas in northern Aleppo, bearing in mind that many checkpoints are established in the region. Some accused fighters manning the checkpoints of taking bribery from Daesh, while some indicated that there are sleeper cells of the organization operating in Azaz.

Even though the organization has not claimed responsibility for the attack so far, many pro-Daesh social media pages were cheering the VBIED attack yesterday, justifying their attitude by stating that it was a response to the battle of Al-Bab, which was announced by the factions operating in northern Aleppo.

Noteworthy, Daesh targeted a mechanic garage in the city of Azaz with a VBIED around a month ago, killing some civilians and FSA fighters.


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