Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:53

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More than 38 civilians were killed in besieged Aleppo today


Families in besieged Aleppo continue to suffer on a daily basis as the Russian and Assad’s warplanes have recently launched a violent and intense air campaign to take revenge on them, causing a staggering number of civilian casualties, including women and children.


Today, Assad’s helicopters dropped more than four barrel bombs on the Firdawss while Al-Salhiyin and the Sakhur neighborhoods were targeted with cluster bombs. A barrel bomb was also dropped on the Jalum neighborhood in Aleppo’s Old City, wounding a number of civilians. In addition, five civilians were killed and dozens were injured in air strikes with barrel bombs on the Ansari neighborhood.



In the meantime, Assad’s forces, positioned on the Sheikh Yusuf hill, shelled the Salhyine and the Firdawss neighborhoods with heavy artillery, injuring a number of civilians.


2 civilians were killed and 8 were wounded after barrel bombs were dropped on the Mshahd neighborhood while 15 others were also injured due to shelling of the Sayf Dawla neighborhood with barrel bombs.


The Assad’s helicopters also barrel bombed the Qadi Askar neighborhood, killing on civilian and wounding 8 others.


The civilian death toll from today’s airstrikes is 38 casualties.



Assad’s helicopters also dropped barrel bombs on the Civil Defense center in the Bab Nayrab neighborhood in besieged Aleppo, rendering it unusable. In the same context, the Health Directorate In Aleppo Province announced that all hospitals in besieged Aleppo have been knocked out of services due to intense airstrikes in the last 48 hours.

Concerning the southern countryside, warplanes carried out four air raids on the Kusaybiyah village using vacuum missiles, while the villages of Tel Alosh, Al-Wassitiyah, Tel Daman, Hajeb and Benan Hassal were targeted with cluster bombs.

In the western countryside, the Muhandissine Rif area and the towns of Mansourah and Kafra Aleppo were targeted with bunker buster bombs and vacuum missiles


As we speak, the Civil Defense staff members are still trying to pull trapped civilians out of the rubble.

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