Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:52

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Civilian casualties in airstrikes on rural Aleppo as clashes restart on the front lines in the region

The Assad regime warplanes executed airstrikes on residential buildings in the countryside of Aleppo, resulting in civilian casualties and the destruction of some building.


5 members of a family were killed, while several others were injured following the targeting of the Awram Kubrah town with vacuum missiles in the early morning. The Civil Defense teams managed to rescue two wounded children who were trapped under the rubble. A civilian was also killed, others were injured, in three airstrikes with cluster bombs on the Hur town. Some civilians were wounded in similar airstrikes on the Darat Izzah city.


The regime also bombed several towns in the western countryside of Aleppo, including Al-Atareb, Al-Tawamah, Khan Al-Assal, Kafr Naha, Zahrat Madayen, Al-Rashidiyin, Shuiwayhinah Mountain and Qubatan Al-Jabal, in connection with intense artillery shelling on the mentioned areas.

In the northern countryside, the regime warplanes executed airstrikes on the Andan, Bayanon, Haritan, Kafr Hamra and Maart Al-Artiq. They also bombed the Khan Tuman town in the southern countryside and the Maskana city and its vicinity as well as the Wadahah and Bu Mani’ villages in eastern Aleppo.


In other news, clashes broke out between the local factions and Assad’s forces on multiple fronts, including the Scientific Research Center, Family House, the northern Al-Rashidiyin, Shuwayhinah, Al-Jazirah and Al-Malahi, resulting in 10 regime casualties and the wounding of several others. 10 Assad’s forces were killed on the Jamiyat Zahraa front in west of Aleppo.


Fierce clashes also erupted in the Maranar, Kafr Shakher, Mare and Kal Jabrin between the militias of the SDF and the local factions, leading to the death and injury of a number of SDF fighters.


The countryside of Aleppo, mainly the northern and western countryside, have experienced repetitious attacks by Assad’s forces and allied militias in recent week, as they are attempting to advance towards those areas being backed by intense artillery shelling and airstrikes, which have so far failed.



Aleppo24 pictures showing the destruction caused by the airstrikes in the Awram Kubrah in western Aleppo

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