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Civilians in Al-Bab are caught between the millstones of the indecisive battle of Al-Bab



Civilians residing in Al-Bab remain the most affected from the ongoing fierce raging in the vicinity of the city. Daesh is using them as human shields and the Turkish airstrikes have killed 80 civilians over the past two days. In addition, the intense Turkish strikes have blocked rescue operations to pull out those trapped from underneath the rubble of collapsed buildings.


The Aleppo24 team documented the death of 80 civilians over the past two days. This includes 7 members of the family of Al-Ni’ma, 16 members from the family of Al-Naqu and 8 members from the Ghazl family, as well as 6 members from the Adu family and 20 others from the family of Shalash.


As people await for some measures that might reduce this staggering number of civilian casualties, the organization keeps blocking the civilians from leaving the city. The Euphrates Shield factions and the Turkish Army, as well as the Coalition, are not taking the matter seriously, as they continue to target the city indiscriminately. The Coalition continue to drop leaflets calling on the resident to flee from the city, which remains impossible as Daesh prevents them from doing so.


The heavy airstrikes on Al-Bab have achieved no practical results because the Euphrates Shield and Turkish allies have made no strategic gains in the city. On the contrary, the Turkish Army have taken 18 casualties while the Euphrates Shield have sustained 36 deaths.



Children from the Al-Naqu family who were killed in the Turkish airstrikes which were carried out on December 21.


Aleppo24 exclusive picture shows the Euphrates Shield preparing for the battle of Al-Bab

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