Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:36

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Civilians in Jarablus protest against human rights abuses commited by the Euphrates Shield in the city


On Saturday, December 24,  civilians residing in Jarablus protested against human rights abuses perpetrated by fighters belonging to the Euphrates Shield factions in their city.


The protest was held after a fighter from the Sham Legion opened fire on the owner of an automobile laundry in the city, which led to his immediate death and the wounding of his son, who is now receiving medical treatment in Turkey for his life threatening injury.



The protestors called for the following:

  1. The local factions must immediately leave the city
  2. The prevention of any fighter from entering into the city while carrying his arms and wearing uniform
  3. The local court and the civil council will regulate the affairs in the city instead of the local factions
  4. The leadership of the Euphrates Shield should issue order to the factions to leave the city



The protesters blocked the roads by the burning of tires and demanded to bring the violators to justice, in addition to their urging of the local factions to move to the front lines in the region, rather than stationing their manpower in densely populated areas in the city.


Two months ago, a brigade of the local factions broke through the court building in the city and killed a number of guards protecting that court, meaning that the opening of fire on the owner of the machine laundry is the second violation to occur in two months.


The local factions gained control over Jarablus on August 24 in an operation that was backed by Turkish Special Forces  and the coalition.


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