Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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Civilians in Manbij are protesting against the practices of the SDF, including the forced recruitment program


A general strike was held today in the city of Manbej to protest against the continuity of the violations and the unbearable rules of the SDF in the city and its countryside, including the forced recruitment of the youths whom they are arbitrarily arresting.  The strike, which was held mainly by the owners of commercial shops, caused a state of high alert among the SDF affiliates operating in the city, leading them to break many of the locks of the shops and cracking down on the protestors. The SDF even forced some of them to open their shops, and they filmed them to falsify the reports of the general strike that had been spread on social media.


The SDF also destroyed the locks of some shops in the Masrab neighborhood, which forced others to open their shops out of fear that they would face the same fate.


An Aleppo24 correspondent said that the SDF have brought in reinforcements from the Ayn Al-Arab city in an attempt to put an end to the ongoing strike.


Fighters belonging to the Shamiyah Front held a sit-in at the Hamran crossing in solidarity with the civilians in Manbej. The SDF arrested Faraj Sultani Abu Khalaft for several days because of his refusal of the forced recruitment program. Then, he was arrested after the SDF were pressured by the people of Manbej.

The people of Manbej held a similar protest against Daesh in 2014, during which Daesh fighters threatened them with weapons and the burning of their shops if they continued closing them.

Such as violation brings us back to the early days of the Syrian revolution when Assad’s forces were destroying the doors of commercial shops whose owners were participating in the peaceful protests.




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