Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:34

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Confiscation of civilian homes in Afrin is now the worst revenge

Immediately after Olive Branch takeover, the Turkish-backed factions began to carry out a reprisal operation which included the confiscation of civilian homes, which were later given to relatives of the factions.


This crime was committed in retaliation to parallel violations carried out by the YPG in Manbej, Al-Raqqa, Tal Rifaat from which they displaced most of the residents, who are still sleeping in the open in displacement camps in northern Aleppo. The factions are now sheltering displaced famileis from Ghouta and other areas in the confiscated homes in order to whitewash their crimes.


Aleppo24  obtained a list of displaced families from Ghouta who have been sheltered in those confiscated houses in Afrin. The list includes 145 names.

Jamal Zaghlol, the founder of the so called ‘internet security forces’ in Ghouta was offered a house in Afrin, but he died recently, along with his wife, after a mine exploded inside the house.

However, it seems that the Euphrates Shield’s main prority  is to shelter military personnel from eastern Ghouta because many of the displaced are now left abandoned, some of whom are being hosted by some local families in Idlib and other areas. On the other hand, there reports stating that confiscated houses are rented to the displaced and that the contrary reports, which claim that they are offered free, is just media propaganda.

Displaced civilians from Afrin have been sleeping in the open since Afrin takeover. They are  nether allowed to enter Aleppo nor to return to their homes.


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