Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:31

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Daesh morale falls as casualties mount following its defeat in Dabiq

Because of the significant importance of Dabiq to Daesh, its defeat in the town on October 16 is considered as a heavy blow to the group. It sustained heavy losses during the liberation of the town, which have caused the morale of the organization to fall.

The liberation of Dabiq has exposed the lies which had been propagated by the organization through its magazines and other means it uses for its propaganda machine. It had been teaching its fighters and indoctrinating others into believing that the victory against the enemies of Allah by the “the Army of the Caliphate” in Dabiq is decisive.

Dabiq, the village that the group considered of great religious significance and attempted to maintain its control over it by any means, was captured in a short time after an attack was launched from the villages of Duwaybiq, Orshaf and Turkmen Bareh.

A local source in Dabiq reported to Aleppo 24 that the collapse of Daesh defensive lines in Qabiq coincided with the collapse of its defensive lines in Sawran, Hiwar Al-Nahr, Tilalin and Ihtimilat, which ISIL retreated from. It stationed its manpower in other villages such as Baruza, Al-Ghuz and Ayoun in rural Al-Bab in an attempt to regroup itself, leaving behind several of its dead fighters.

The source also stated that 16 fighters from the factions of The Euphrates Shield were killed during the battle; most of them were locals from the northern Aleppo countryside,

In addition to the moral significance of the battle, the capture of Dabiq is also strategic as the Euphrates Shield forces can now attack the remaining areas under the group control in northern Aleppo, and losing Dabiq has isolated the group in areas in the countryside ofe Al-Bab, meaning that it is easier now to obliterate its presence in the whole region.

Before the defeat in Dabiq, Daesh commanders began to circulate new claims that the prophecy about the biggest battle against the “ infidels” will take place in the area of Amaq, which is located inside Liwaa Iskendroun. This was first claimed by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and was spread and propagated by Daesh’s imams in mosques situated in areas under the group control.

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