Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:45

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Daesh recedes inside the city of Al-Bab and executes five of its affiliates

Clashes continue to range in multiple areas located on the vicinity of Al-Bab for the second day in a row, in which the the Euphrates Shield factions have gained control over key areas inside the city, which is considered the main stronghold for Daesh in eastern Aleppo.

The factions, being backed by Turkish airstrikes and heavy artillery shelling, managed to advance in the southwestern part of the city, capturing the Silos area and the Alulu Restaurant, which were one of the strategic defensive lines of the organization. Three civilians were also killed in airstrikes by Turkish fighter jets on Al-Bab today.

A source reported to Aleppo24 that the Euphrates Shield factions gained control over the Zamzam Street in the western part of Al-Bab, adding that the offensive was launched from different axis, including the eastern, southeastern and western parts of the city.

Hundreds of civilians have fled from the city due to the ongoing intensified clashes and airstrikes. Small groups have managed to reach the Euphrates Shield factions controlled territory in eastern Aleppo, while many have headed to the Daesh-held Maskana town where they are now abandoned, as the group have not provided them with any shelter, food or any other kind of aid.

The advances by the Euphrates Shield in the city and areas surrounding it have created a state of despair between Daesh fighters, pushing some of them to flee. Today, the organization executed five of its affiliates in the Martu Park in Al-Bab after they wanted to hand themselves over to the factions. This was preceded by a large-scale raid campaign (launched by Daesh) that targeted all those who refused to take part in the ongoing battles in Al-Bab.

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