Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:58

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Daesh terrorizes civilians with large-scale public executions in rural Aleppo



After the consecutive defeats it has suffered on the fronts in northern Aleppo, which isolated it in the area of Al-Bab, Daesh now resorts to public execution as a means to terrorize the locals and maintain its dominance on the areas under its rule in rural Aleppo.



Apart from the recent increase in its patrols and the tightening of the security measure at its checkpoints in the region, Daesh has recently carried out a series of executions against some detainees whom it imprisoned for months in its run prisons in northern Aleppo.


An Aleppo24 correspondent stated that the newly series of executions ended by the execution of the civilian Walid Al-Asaad from the village of Al-Mahssan near the city of Maskanah after accusing him of co-operation with foreign parties. After being arrested at one of the organization-run internet cafés in the region, the civilian was detained for one day and executed on the day that followed immediately.


On Saturday, October 22, Daesh executed the civilians Ahmed Yassin from the village of Tel Rahal and Abdulatif Haj Hussein from the area of Al-Khafssah.


Concerning Al-Bab, the group executed two civilians named Mohamed Al-Ali  and Safi Al-Rajab from the village of Arshaf in northern Aleppo. They were arrested by the organization before retreating from the village. Both of them were crucified in Al-Saha roundabout in Al-Bab on charges of co-operation with the FSA.



Picture of the young mane Mohamed Ali who was executed and crucified in the city of Al-Bab`

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