Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:37

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Dozens of civilian causalities in a new round of intense indiscriminate Russian air strikes on besieged Aleppo



Aftermath of a Russian airstrike on the Firdawss neighborhood in Aleppo today

An Aleppo24 correspondent reported today the death of dozens of civilians due to a new round of intense Russian and Assad’s air strikes on the neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo.

Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the Ahmadiyah, the Msaken Henano highway and other neighborhoods in east of Aleppo, killing six civilians, including three children, in addition to the wounding of dozens of others, who are now receiving medical treatment in the hospitals in besieged Aleppo, which are facing a lack of medical supplies.


In the meantime, the Russian warplanes carried out violent air strikes on several neighborhoods, including Al-Haydariyah, Msaken Henano, the Sheikh Faress, Al-Qterji, Qadi Askar and Bab Al-Nayrab, killing and wounding a large number of civilians. The correspondent indicated that bunker-buster bombs might have been utilized during the air raids.


In other news, warplanes belonging to Assad and Russia executed air raids on the Darat Al-Izah city, Kafr Naha , Al-Atarib, western Aleppo, and Andan town in the northern countryside of Aleppo. Five barrel bombs were also dropped on the Rashidiyin neighborhood west of Aleppo while two missiles, believed to be ballistic missiles, fell on residential buildings in the Banan Al-Hass town in southern Aleppo. There are no reports about the amount of casualties caused by the air attacks.

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