Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:54

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Dozens of displaced civilians in the Shamarikh Camp, northern Aleppo, suffer from food poisoning due to spoiled milk


Amid the poor living conditions which coincide with harsh winter conditions, displaced civilians in the Shamarikh Refugee Camp in northern Aleppo wake up on Tuesday, January 03, to a new incident embodied in a spoiled milk which has poisoned dozens of them.



Most of the affected were children who drank milk that was distributed by the humanitarian organization called IHH. Activists confirmed that the date on the distributed milk proves that it is not expired yet, but the contained milk is still spoiled.


Hospitals in the Azaz area have appealed to all medical points and international organization to provide them with aid, including syrup, in order to rescue the numerous poisoning cases, as those hospitals are devoid of many necessary medical supplies.


Displaced civilians residing in refugee camps in northern Aleppo are facing tragic and miserable conditions because of the lack of human basic needs in those camps. Last month, several tents in those camps were burnt due to the use of  kerosene heaters.

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