Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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Harsh winter conditions threaten the lives of more than 100 thousand displaced civilians in northern Syria


As the war and international diplomatic issues continue to receive most of the news coverage about Syria, heavy rain fell 2 days ago on the camps belonging to the displaced families in northern Syria, turning their camps into lakes and mud. The heavy rain has also swallowed tens of camps, mainly the ones located near Azaz near the border with Turkey.


A private source stated to Aleppo24 that tens of the displaced families are now ill due to the extreme cold which they are facing after they had to leave their camps. He confirmed that the most affected camps are the seven ones established near the city of Azaz, mainly between Maarin and Al-Salama villages near Turkey. They are chaotic camps set up between olive trees in some agricultural lands.

He also added that 100 camps are now badly damaged and are no longer usable.


The flooding of camps due to the heavy wind in northern Syria threaten the lives of more than 100 thousand  displaced civilians living in chaotic camps in northern Aleppo, apart from those residing in refugee camps in the western countryside and rural Idlib, most of which are homes to displaced families from southern Aleppo.

Amid a harsh season of winter that has increased the suffering of displaced families, activists appealed to humanitarian organization  to take effective steps in regard to the situation of the displaced families living in those camps, where they are deprived of basic needs.

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