Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:52

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Hashish and Captagon pills have become widespread in Euphrates Shield-held areas in Aleppo.



Hashish and Captagon pills dealing have largely spread in the Euphrates Shield-held areas in the countryside of Aleppo, mainly the Azaz area where the selling process is being done in public.


The spread of drugs has been meet with a discontent from the local civilians who are facing severe economic and living conditions, and consider the legalization of drugs as a factor that will increase their poor conditions and destroy the future of the youth, who will have more motives to commit crimes in order to obtain money to buy them for sky-high prices.


A military source confirmed to Aleppo24 that most of the factions operating in the countryside of Aleppo have conducted anti-drugs inspection campaigns due to the reaction of the civilians. Some of their checkpoints are still safe passages for those smuggling drugs into their held territory. Another source revealed that some Euphrates Shield commanders are overseeing the smuggling process.


Other sources confirmed to Aleppo24 that the drugs are being smuggled from Daesh-held areas, where the organization systematically planted drugs in order to use it for the covering of its expenses. While Captagon pills are being smuggled from Assad-held areas by medicines dealers who are transporting them to Euphrates Shield controlled areas from the Afrin area.


In light of reports that some civilians are in charges of selling the smuggled drugs, sources confirmed that some Euphrates Shield affiliates are also involved in the process. Their checkpoints have also facilitated their entry. A source said that ‘Hashish was used before as a means with drug dealers bribed the fighters operating the checkpoints in the region in order to allow them to smuggle their commodities. In addition, the checkpoints were focused on inspection campaigns targeting vehicles to prevent VBIEDs.’


The scandal of the spread of hashish and Captagon pills, which has been meet with an extreme discontent by the residents, has pushed many commanders of the factions operating in rural Aleppo to hold a meeting in which they issued campaigns that have targeted pharmacies and tightened the security measures to combat drug smuggling, in addition to holding those involved accountable for their illegal actions. The success of the current anti-drugs campaigns in rural Aleppo is determined by how much those commanders are serious and willing to put an end to the phenomenon.







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