Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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Heavy fighting erupts in Aleppo after the end of “the humanitarian” ceasefire


Few hours after the protests held by civilians in besieged Aleppo on Saturday, October 22, ended, the Assad regime resumed the devastating airstrikes against the neighborhoods of the city, which have been subjected to death, destruction and oppression, threatening civilians with more bloodshed and murder for refusing to answer the call to leave their homes, of which most of them have been reduced to rubble.


The Assad regime carried out deadly air strikes on Sheikh Said neighborhood and the 1070 Apartments area, which coincided with clashes in the vicinity of several neighborhoods including Salahaddin, Al Hashqal, Al-Amiriya and Sayfu Al-Dawla, as well as the vicinity of the Great Mosque, the Aziza village and the 1070 Apartments area. The clashes were simultaneous after a heavy artillery shelling.


In their attempts to advance and make new gains on different fronts in the city after the end of the seize fire, Assad forces sustained tens of deaths. Many of their corpses are scattered on the streets in the clashing areas.


An Aleppo24 correspondent confirmed that the heavy losses, suffered by the regime forces and militias, forced them to retreat. Thirteen Assad forces were neutralized while trying to advance to the Salahuddin front, while seven others were neutralized on the Amiriyyah front, in addition to the death of five others on the Aziziyya front.


The local factions also thwarted an attempt by the Assad forces to storm a position on the Great Mosque front in Aleppo’s Old City, in synchronization with heavy fighting, that lasted for 2 hours, in which the Assad forces sustained massive causalities.

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