Monday 20 / 5 / 2019 | 20:53

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After ten days of clashes in Idlib, Hizb Turkistani helps HTS retakes initiative in the province


After ten days of clashes in Idlib, back and forth clashes are still ongoing between HTS, who are backed by the Hizb Turkistani, and Ahrar Al Sham, who are aligned with Suqor Al Sham and Nouredine Zenki, bearing in mind that most facilities and infrastrucutes have been rendered unusable by Russian and Assad airstrikes.

HTS has managed to recapture many arreas it lost during the first weeks that followed the beginning of the fighting in the province.  In the first week, HTS was driven out of several areas by Suqour Al Sham and Zenki, including the areas of Al Habit, Harsh, Abidin, Al Qassabiyah, Harsh Al Qassahbiyah, Tarmalah , Maarat Al Sin, Al Naqir, Al Faqi, Tel Aaas, Al Rakayaj, Suhyan, Babolin, Walidana, Maart Nu’mn, Al Jaradah, Al Ruwayhah, Mintah, Ariha, Masybin, Wadi Al Dayf camp, Maarbalit, Tiftinar and its military aiport which is now controlled by Jaysh Al Ahrar.

However, after the Hizb Turkistani participated in the battles by fighting alongside HTS, which was a result of the death of four of its fighters in an explosion. The Hizb has enabed HTS to retake the intitiative and capture new areas, including Malajah, Kafr Muss in Mount Shaahbo, in addition to regaining control over Dir Hassan, Qah, Kafr Lussin, Aqrribat, Kafr Yahmoul, Waram Hamdan, Maarat Missrin, Tir Manin, Hazzano after loosing forcing Ahrar Al Sham out of them.


Morre than 120 fighters from both sides have been killed in ten days only. In the first clashes with erupted in Hazano, around 40 fighters, mostly HTS, were killed, in addition to the capture of 35 fighters from both parties.


Concerning the civilian casualties, more than 12 civilians were killed. A man and a woman were killed in Kafr Lussin, a young girl in Maarat Sin, a child in Itmah, a man in the outskirts of Ariha, 5 others in Maarat Missrin, a woman in north of Idlib, a man in Tal Karamah, in addition to the wounding of dozens of others due to indiscriminate shelling and clashes in most Idlib province.



The battles for the resources and control in Idlib have resulted in outrage in most cities and town in the province. Since the start of the clashes, many protests have been hold in reaction to the battles which have ruined and crippled life in the  region and have wornses the living conditions to an unbearable level. Most of the protests have the aim to isolate cities and towns from the ongoing battles. Civilians do not want their areas to be used as military zones.

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