Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:54

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HTS completes usurpation of public properties in Idlib

HTS-affiliated administration of services continues looting public properties in all areas controlled by HTS in Idlib province. The latest looting operation took place in Salqin where it equipped the commercial bank in the city in order to transform it to a hotel serving its interests. Most public properties in the city have been turned into hotel and commercial shops of HTS such as the agrincultural bank, the cultural bank, the consumption institution and the court building. The health center is the city might also be relocated by HTS to elsewhere. According to an Idlib24 correspondent, HTS is attempting to invest in some commercial activities so that it can collect as much money as it can and transfer it directly to its budget.

HTS has imposed its rule on the city of Salqin. It is covering up its looting activities by the administration of service and the so called ‘Salvation Government’. The latest activity was the one which occurred during the awarding of outstanding students of the schools in Salqin on Wednesday 14 February. This took place mainly in Al-Qalaa mall which was previously a governmental building consisting of a wedding hall and cultural center. HTS is now controlling and using it for its interests. The minister of education attended the awarding amidst an extreme high alert among HTS rank. Commercial shops were forced to close and vehicles, cars were prevented from moving, which created a state of discontent among the local residents as such moves reminded them of the time when Assad was ruling over them.

The awarding party was used to exhibit and propagate activities of HTS-linked salvation government. Children were given cakes and presented itself as a committee which takes the issue of education seriously, while, in fact, it did not visit internally displaced persons from Abu Duhour and Saraqib. The number of children in camps for internally displaced persons near the central prison of Idlib is 300, and they all need teachers.

The looting activities of both HTS and salvation government has reached an extreme level that they are now looting natural resources in the province of Idlib. Idlib24 team documented an event in which HTS exploited the suffering of the displaced by hiring an agricultural arrea for 1 million and half SYP to them so as the latter can herd their sheep in it.

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