Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:35

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HTS threatens to storm Darat Izza after being expelled from the city by its residents

As it was expected, Darat Izza in west of Aleppo has joined anti-HTS cities and towns in the province. Today, the people of Darat Izza forced HTS to evacuate its headquarters from their city and also expelled them from the Darat Izza hill, which is the most strategic area that HTS sought to keep under its control for its soldiers stationed on it has the city of Darat Izza  within their firing range.


Despite all violations and atrocities against the population of Darat Izza by HTS, the cause of the recent development was the incident in which HTS arrested Sheikh Ossama Shanaq, the administrative head of the Ibno Taymiyah battalions and a dignitary of the city , in addition to the arrest of Qassem, 14, who is the son of Abu Abdul Rahman, the leader of the Ibno Taymiyah battalions.

The Ibno Taymiyah battalion was affiliated with the Ahrar Sham before defecting to the Nusra Front during the recent clashes between HTS and Ahrar in the city of Idlib.

A private source indicated to Aleppo24 that the arrest of Sheikh Ossama was because he wanted to resign from his position in the HTS after the recent leaked information that exposed the reality of HTS emir, which includes the assassination of dissidents and armed robbery.


In other news, protests were held in the city of Darat Izat in the afternoon, demanding the release of Sheikh Ossama. In response, HTS released him in an attempt to contain the anger of the people.

In a statement, the Ibno Taymiyah battalions announced their defection from HTS following the release of Sheikh Ossama, which coincided with the expel of HTS affilaites from the Darat Iza hill. In response, HTS threated the locals with storming the city, if the Ibno Taymiyah battalions do not retreat from it and hand over all headquarters and heavy weapons before tomorrow.

HTS is now mobilizing its forces after bringing in reinforcements from Idlib as a preparation for storming Darat Iza where violent fighting is supposed to start in the upcoming hours.



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