Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:37

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HTS prevents a convoy of fuel from entering its held territory in Idlib



HTS continues to tighten its measures to cripple the civilian life in its controlled territory of Idlib. On Wednesday, HTS prevented a convoy of fuel tankers, which was coming the Azaz area using the Afrin highway, from entering its held areas in Idlib.

A local civilian in Mount Al Zawiyah told Idlib24 that HTS prevented several vehicles, which were loaded with fuel, from entering Ihssam town because some HTS-linked merchants still have supplies of the European fuel that is being transported from Turkey to its held areas. HTS is monopolizing fuel to gain as much as money as it can amidsts the deteriorating economic conditions of the civilians living under its rule.

HTS had previously imposed a tax of 100 USD on the owners of vehicle transporting fuel from Afrin into its held territory.


Areas in the countryside of Idlib experienced a fuel crisis in connection with the launching of Afrin Operation, which ended by the capture of the city by the Turks. The Turkish authorities and its ally HTS, which is represented by Watad Fuel Company (HTS civil entity), attempted to expoilt the need of the civilians for the European fuel oil in HTS-held areas. This has so far benefited HTS members. HTS is buying one liter of fuel oil for 325 while civilians buy it for 650.


HTS is selling one European gas canister , which is being transported to Watad Company from Bab Al Hawa border crossing, to its affiliates for 7000 while the citizens must pay 18000.

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