Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:56

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Human rights abuses are being committed against civilians in rural Jarablus and the court remains irresponsible

Civilians residing in Aleppo and the countryside are trying to adapt to the new life conditions amid the siege and airstrikes. However, what is imposing more burden on their daily life are the increasing number of human rights abuses they are subjected to by some factions and battalions.

Abu Amsha, a commander in the Sultan Murad-linked Suleiman Shah battalion, has turned the post center in the village of Al-Ghandoura into a military headquarter for his battalion. He reached that village after the Euphrates Shield factions captured it. He is now leading a group of criminals and thieves who are imposing taxes and committing atrocities against the locals. Many of the locals, mainly those residing in the city of Manbej and its countryside, are complaining about their outrageous aggression.

Aleppo24 conducted an investigation into the matter and talked to some of the locals who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity. In the interview, they stated that they had complained to the court in Jarablus about the atrocities, however, their complains were met by inconsiderate promises.

Local sources also confirmed to Aleppo24 that Abu Amsha is looting civilian-owned cars and tractors, as well as imposing taxes on merchants and civilian-own trucks while they pass through his operated checkpoint in the region.

Abu Amsha is stationing the looted civilian belongings in his headquarters in order to buy them as spare parts in distant cities and villages. The latest abuses carried out by Abu Amsha was the looting of a civilian-owned car that costs around 12.000 USD.

The human rights abuses are not only restricted to Abu Amsha and his gangs, but there are also some other Euphrates Shield-linked factions who are also imposing taxes.

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